Portobello Mushroom 'Parmesan'

It contains no dairy, no yeast, no wheat, no eggs and it's so good even my husband who has no food allergies enjoys it!


4 portobello mushroom caps
olive oil
soy mozzerella cheese
chopped garlic
tomato sauce (whatever kind you enjoy)


Season mushroom caps with salt/pepper and brush/drizzle both sides with olive oil and grill for about 5 minutes each side (if you don't have a grill, you can broil in the oven). Remove from grill. In an oven safe dish, put a little tomato sauce on the bottom of the dish (so mushrooms don't stick), arrange mushrooms bottom side up, add chopped garlic, spoon more sauce into caps, top with soy cheese, drizzle a little more olive oil on caps or dollop some dairy free margarine on top so the cheese browns. Cook in oven for about 20 minutes on 350 and enjoy!!

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