10 minute yummy meatballs

one pan meal-easy quarter size meatballs with veggies


1 lb ground beef or turkey or pork
(optional)-1/4 cup rice or bread crumbs & or mashed cooked carrot
1/4 cup olive oil
1 can 16oz chopped tomatoes
(optional)-zucchini or squash
(optional)-cooked baby potatoes


form 20 little meatballs with meat & rice. add generous olive oil/salt/pepper to fry pan. cook on medium high until brown.

add zucchini and/or potatoes and/or carrots and saute with meatballs. add tomato and 1tbl cinnamon and salt/pepper to taste. simmer for a couple of minutes and serve.

my kids love it. you can also change the recipe and add or delete veggies as you wish. easy!

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