Apple and Tuna Sandwiches! :-D

If you haven\\\\\\\'t tried it yet, you should. It\\\\\\\'s actually a very nice combination of foods! :-) Eat it on its own, or put between 2 slices of bread! (Also great for mini sandwiches at parties!) =D


-1 (Net Wt. 170g) can of flaked or chunked tuna (your choice)
-1 medium to large sized apple (or 2 small ones)
-1/4 to 1/2 a tomato
-1 spring onion
-1 heaping spoonful of mayo (or a close substitute to mayo...I don\\\\\\\'t know of any yet, I just use the mayo.) :-/
-Herbs & spices (optional) like dried rosemary, dried parsley flakes, garlic powder, etc.
-any other herb(s) or spice(s) you can think of, that would taste great! :-)


Open the can of tuna (drain out the water first), and put the whole contents of the can in a medium bowl. Peel your favourite kind of apple (or leave the peel on if you wish) and chop it up into little cubes/bits, (cut out the core if you want as well, it can be left in if you like eating whole apples). Chop up the tomato and the spring onion as well and dump it all in with the tuna.
Next add the mayo (you can add more or less mayo, depending on how much you\\\\\\\'d like), and the herbs you picked out. Mix it all together, and it\\\\\\\'s ready! :-D
Eat it straight from the bowl if you\\\\\\\'re real hungry, or if you feel like sharing, make a couple sandwiches out of it for two!
I\\\\\\\'d say it makes about 1-3 servings, depending on how hungry you are. (I\\\\\\\'m pretty small, and I eat the whole thing!) ;-)

Also try adding: Chopped up or shredded carrot and/or 1/4 to 1/2 red or green pepper! Try adding, mixing, and matching different veggies for variety, and find out what combination you like best! You can practically make your own recipe! Enjoy!! :-D

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