Pancake / Flat Bread to use for sandwiches, etc.


1 cup of raw, organic Buckwheat Groats
2 Tbls of olive oil
Salt (optional)
Organic garlic gomaso (granulated or fresh garlic and sesame seeds - optional)
Unsweetened soy milk or rice milk
1 egg (optional)


Grind the Buckwheat Groats into flour in blender/processor.

Add olive oil to flour in a glass bowl and mix. Add a small amount of salt, if desired.

I like to add granulated or fresh garlic and sesame seeds (organic garlic gomaso), also.

Add enough unsweetened soy milk or rice milk to make batter thin enough for pancakes.

For pancakes, you can also add 1 egg (free range), if desired, but this is optional.

Mix thoroughly and pour small amounts onto preheated griddle or pan. Brown slightly on each side until set. Remove and enjoy warm with a little unsalted butter or let flatbreads cool, place in a plastic storage baggie and use same day for sandwiches or as a meal side. Makes enough batter for 7 to 8 small pancakes/flatbreads.

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