Pasta and crab with a kick!

This is a great recipe for people like me who LOVES PASTA but not able to eat tomatoes, cheese or mushrooms!


per person....
5 chopped crab sticks
1 Garlic clove
1 Red Chilli deseeded
Juice of a lemon
Chopped flat leaf parsley
70-100 grams of wholemeal pasta


Simply put the pasta on the boil, slice both ends of the red chilli, slice down the centre and de-seed with a teaspoon (wash hands straight after as you REALLY don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to get them in your me lol) grate the garlic clove, I find it easier doing it that way! slice the lemon in half and extract juice then simply chop up some flat leaf pasrley, chop up crab sticks to bite size, mix well with drained pasta and voi la! a yummy meal! Enjoy!

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