Easy Cheese Sauce

This is realy good with any kind of pasta.


milk ( I use 1%)
chedder chesse ( any type of chedder)
onion and garlic powder
salt and pepper


In a sauce pan melt butter over low heat and add seasonings (salt ,pepper, onion and garlic powder). When completly melted use a wisk to blend in flour. Add flour slowly to butter to avoid any lumps. When this becomes thick add small amounts of milk at a time. Continue stirling. When this is completly mixed and heated up add the grated chesse.
Keep stiring until the chesse has completly melted and is at desired consistancy.
Add to pasta and serve.

I have never measured my ingredients because I never make the same amount twice. But this is the only combination of making cheese sauce that has ever turned out for me and it works every time. I never have lumps.


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