Potato Mash with cheese

Supper simple and tasty.


- Potatoes, washed, peeled, cut into small pieces
- onion, chopped
- sour cream
- salt and pepper, to tast
- parley, fresh or dried
- butter
- Chesse, gratted, any type of chedder


Boil the potatoes in water until soft.

In a non stick frying pan add a small amount of butter and cook onions until done/soft.

Mash potatoes and add a small amount of sour cream, onions, and desired amount of salt, pepper, and parsley. Mix and mash well.

Pour into a oven/microwave safe dish. Sprinkle a generous amount of chesse on the top. Place in the oven or microwave to warm dish and melt cheese.

Serve with sour cream, chives, bacon bits, etc.

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