Courgette and Houmous Soup

A delicious, warming and substantial soup suitable for egg, dairy and wheat free eaters


1 x Large Onion
4 x Large Courgettes
1 Large Pot of shop bought houmous (250g +)
1 x good quality vegan stock cube Salt and Pepper to season
Good quality oil that you can eat - I use organic cold pressed sunflower

You can vary the amount of liquid and courgettes you use but number of courgette will dictate the number of servings. The above serves 4


Slice and dice the onions and fry on a moderate heat until browning and soft.
Slice all courgettes and add to pan.
When courgettes start to soften add stock cube dissolved in a pint of hot water
Allow to simmer until all content as getting mushy.
Liquidise the mixture, add salt and pepper and allow to cool, slightly
Now add all Houmous and stir in gently until it mixes in.
Now reheat to taste and serve (note: do not allow the soup to boil)

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