Delish low-fat Tomato Chicken Breast

Diced breast of chicken in tomato soup


Two or three uncooked chicken breasts
one can of tomato soup (soya free if needed be)
one medium onion
fresh mushrooms
one medium green pepper
(you can add tasty veggies to liking)
a pinch of salt (or to liking)
a pinch of crushed chilies
garlic (to liking)
virgin olive oil or other ((or Pam)


In a cutlet pan ;Cut all veggies and simmer to tender in oil. In separate pan, brown lightly diced chicken breast (they will get white... )
Add veggies to chicken, then add can of soup, spices, 1 or 2 tablespoons water (not too much for it will be too liquidy)
Simmer covered, low heat (medium-low) , and mix once in a while while simmering, til chicken and veggies well done.

Serve with rice .

This is a low fat , and surprisingly very tasty.


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