Friendly Cake

This tasy cake is without butter, oil, egg yolks or sugar. Some ingredients could be substituted depending on your allergy.


half kilo wholemeal SR flour
3 tablespoons skim milk powder
three-quarters of kilo mixed fruit
finely grated rind of medium orange & lemon
1 cup crushed mixed nuts (optional)
3 well-beaten egg whites
half cup apple juice
1 teaspoon mixed spice
2 level tablespoons honey
cold & warm water


Place flour in large bowl, add fruit and rind of orange and lemon. Add nuts and mix well. Dissolve honey in half a cup of warm water and the milk in one cup of cold water. Add this to the mixture. Add the apple juice and spice and stir well.
Then add the well-beaten egg whites. If the mixture is too dry, add more cold water to make a meduim to light dough. Because this recipe lacks fat, it burns more easily on the bottom. Cook in a slow oven 150 to 160 degrees Farenheit or 65-70 degrees Centigrade.
Line a heavy tin with well-greased foil or brown paper putting extra padding on the bottom. Use about three layers of paper or foil.
Cook for approx 90 minutes. It makes a large cake and the recipe can be divided into two small cakes, freezing one for convenience.

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