Joy bean Salad

A Festive salad perfect for summer. (Especially if you have christmas at Summer like we do!)


Red peppers (capsicum)
red spanish onions
3 bean mix- red kidney beans, borlotti beans, black beans.
(or your favourite bean mix)
herbs (optional)
dash of ginger (optional)


Cut lettuce roughly so it is in big chunks.
Grate carrot (with a big holed blade so you have large shavings).
cut up red peppers and spanish onion into small squares.
Mix ingredients together.

Mix cooked beans. Add your favourite herbs or a dash of ginger.

mix with salad. Serve with favourite dressing.

(a good dressing is a lemon and oil dressing or the Avocado Acrobat dressing I submitted to the dressings page).

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