Cashew Apricot Cookies

Courtesy of Tatiana


2 cups cashews soaked overnight
1 cup sweet and sour
dried or fresh apricots
1 cup soaked raisins
2 overripe bananas


Blend till you have a crumbly consistency. Spoon the batter out on a dehydrator plastic tray. Dehydrate for 24 hours or until dry (do not overdry) at the temperature of 105 F. Turn them over in 8-12 hours or when you see that one side is dry enough.

If you wish to make some variations, then use the above
crumby batter, add soaked poppy seeds for Cashew Apricot
Poppy Seeds Cookies or sesame seeds (also soaked) for
Cashew Apricot Sesame Cookies.

Experiment with your favorite nuts, seeds and fruits. It
is always good to use a combination of a fresh fruit and some dried soaked fruits with nuts or sprouted grains.

For veggie/'salty' crackers use sunflower seeds, they tend
to give some salty flavor when dried. Of course, you may
use any other soaked nuts/seeds.

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