Waanda's Tender and Easy Roast

Even though most everything I see says you should thaw meat before preparing, I have been preparing my roast this way for many years -- the whole family really likes it. I like to use rump roast -- but have also done eye of round roast and occasionally chuck roast for this EASY recipe.


One frozen roast (rump roast is my preferred type)
3 small cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 envelopes of dried onion soup mix


On Saturday night before I go to bed, I put a frozen roast in my West Bend slow cooker on a low temperature. Mix the cream of mushroom soup and dried onion soup mix together and pour it over the roast.

On Sunday morning, before I leave for church, I open 2 or 3 cans of whole white potatoes (depending on the number of people who will be eating lunch), drain the liquid off, and put the potatoes in the slow cooker with the roast -- trying to be sure they are all submerged in the gravy.

This makes a VERY tender roast as well as a delicious gravy. When we return from church, the house smells great and lunch is ready!

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