Easy Mexican Black-Eyes Peas


1 can (14 oz-small one) of Blackeyed Peas
1 can (14 oz-small one) of Mexican flavored stewed tomatoes. I prefer the S&W brand, but any will work.


Drain the blackeyed peas. Put in a saucepan. Drain the tomato juice from the stewed tomatoes into the saucepan, then cut up the tomatoes to be smaller sized. Add the tomatoes to the saucepan. Mix together. Turn the heat on to medium and simmer for 25-30 minutes. You're done!

You can eat it plain, but our family favorite is to serve over cooked rice, make up some cornbread muffins and serve a salad on the side. I have three kids (ages 9,6,3) who love it. We double the recipe and enjoy leftovers! Good and very inexpensive. Serves: 4.

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