Peanut Butter 'N Tamaters Sandwich

Courtesy of Bobbie


1 or 2 slices toast, preferably RYE, but whole wheat will work (white is a not a choice)
Peanut butter
Thick slices of REAL tomatoes (no pink plastic grocery store varieties, thankyouverymuch!)
Pepper (required)
Salt (optional)


This is my favorite tomato sandwich recipe. It can best be made in the summer when you can get real homegrown tomatoes, not the kind specially grown for packing & shipping & sitting in the grocery store for weeks on end.

When I tell anyone besides my brother and sister (we learned it from Mom) and my children (now that I've gotten them to try it) about this recipe, they think I'm weird (well...yes, but not for this reason). People looked at me oddly when I would put this together in the college cafeteria. At least I thought that was the reason. (It never tasted right, though -- I think the food service tomatoes were plastic!!)


Assemble: Toast, peanut butter, tomatoes, pepper, and salt if desired. Top with a second slice of toast, if desired. Eat while toast is still hot. If it gets cold, throw away and start over :-) Well, I'd probably eat it any ways, but its not as good cold. Trust me on this -- the salty peanut butter is just wonderful with the tomatoes, and at least a little bit of pepper is necessary.

I know, you're going EEEWWWWWW! But if you give it a shot, who knows? Didn't your Mom always make you try at least ONE bite of something new?

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