Steamed Vegetables

Submitted by Carolyn Woodman A new receipe for feeding children.


2 medium gold potatoes
some onion slices (I like red onion)
1-2 carrots
leeks (optional)
lemon juice


Fill steamer with water and turn to 25 minutes (depends to some degree on how much you are cooking.)

I peel 2 medium size gold potatoes, slice and put in the bottom of the steamer basket. Add some slices of onion.

Next peel and slice 1-2 carrots and add more onion if you like onion. I also like to add some leek.

While the above steams, prepare some califlower and broccoli. By the time these vegetables are ready it is time to add them to the steamer basket. I like to add some mushrooms too, but they need to be eaten HOT, as soon as the vegetables are ready if not sooner.

I take out the califlower and broccoli and pour lemon juice over them. Serve up the potatoes, carrots and onions on a warm plate. Add the califlower and broccoli. Serve with a piece of wheat bread. Easy, filling, and good for you.

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