Chinese Chicken


2 carrots finely sliced
2 chicken cutlets dipped in Rice Flour and Sea Salt. Cut cutlet into small pieces. Approximately 1 inch.
2 stalks of Bok Choy
3 cloves of Garlic crushed
3 scallions sliced
1 inch piece of fresh ginger sliced very thin.
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tablespoons Bragg's Aminos.
Rice Bran Oil. Approximately 3 tablespoons.


Heat oil in a wok. Add carrots and cook for 2 minutes or until tender. Add Bok Choy and cook for 1 minute. Remove from Wok. Add oil and saut? chicken about 5 minutes until cooked. Add the scallions, garlic and ginger. Cook for 1 minute. Add back the carrots and Boy Choy and stir all ingredients together. Add lemon juice and Braggs and stir. Remove from wok and serve over rice.

Note*** I use Bragg's as a substitute for soy sauce.

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