1 cup Kasha
2 cups water
Some veggies
Oil you can eat
Some dried fruit
Nuts if you can have them


You can cook the Kasha like rice, using 1 cup Kasha to 2 cups water, cover and simmer 10 - 15 minutes, then drain. Then, in another pan, saut? whatever veggies you can have in a little of the oil you are eating that day, some of the dried fruit (cut it up finely, so you aren't eating hunks if you don't like it), add some nuts if you can have them.

Stir all this into the kasha - now you have a pilaf that will last a couple of days at least.

Try to choose ingredients that you don't have to rotate - then you have a simple starch you can reach for. Otherwise, freeze portions if you have to rotate. The other grains can be used in a similar way - cook, then substitute into any rice recipe.

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