Category:  Main Dish

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Cornish Hens with Salsa Fresca
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Cranberry Apple Pork Chops
Crockpot dish easy and flavorable  
~ Submitted by Sondra

Creole Beef and Pepper Strips with Curly Noodles
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Crock Pot Lacquered Chicken
Courtesy of Kelly Smythe  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Crustless Quiche
~ Submitted by Jenifer

Curried Chicken or Beef
Chicken or beef with yummy curry coconut/pineapple sauce ** I use my pressure cooker **  
~ Submitted by Paige Bruner

Curry Chicken with Lemon
Delicious zesty chicken dish - full flavored and easy to prepare.  
~ Submitted by Deborah Cone

Dairy-free Quiche with Wheat-free crust
This dairy-free Quiche is deliciously cheesy and is made with a potato hashedbrowns crust instead of wheat! Great for Candida diets! Can be made with chicken or tofu! Crust recipe comes from the wonderful Moosewood cookbook!  
~ Submitted by Laurel Burton

Delish low-fat Tomato Chicken Breast
Diced breast of chicken in tomato soup  
~ Submitted by Ann Stocker

Easy Chicken Pot Pie
A delicious comfort dish free of many of the allergens found in the store-bought version.  
~ Submitted by Brenda Carroll

Easy Chili with Pineapple Cornbread
Courtesy of Chad M. I found it at Veggies Unite.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Easy Veggie Spaghetti
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Eggless Meatballs
Meatballs made without any eggs.  
~ Submitted by Jeannie Baldomero

Eggless Meatloaf
Salsa and cheese make this moist and tasty.   
~ Submitted by Joyce LaRosa

Excellent Mexican Chili
~ Submitted by Chet Day

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