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Veggie Pot Pies
Courtesy of Wendy Ryan, Vermont Here's a recipe my husband and I came up with to add to our vegetarian meal list. Our children (ages 7, 10, 12) eat it as well.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

veggie-nut burgers
the best veggie burgers ever. no wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, spices, garlic, meat.  
~ Submitted by Leah Choi

Waanda's Tender and Easy Roast
Even though most everything I see says you should thaw meat before preparing, I have been preparing my roast this way for many years -- the whole family really likes it. I like to use rump roast -- but have also done eye of round roast and occasionally chuck roast for this EASY recipe.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Wheat Roast
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Yellow Moong Dal (Lentils)
Tastey but spicy. Good with Rice or Pasta maybe even potatoes.  
~ Submitted by Danielle Rowbotham

Yummy Rice Skillet
Easy quick rice skillet  
~ Submitted by Wendy Tingey

Zucchini cassrole
Wheat free with bread cubes and white cheddar cheese  
~ Submitted by Suzette Hollowell

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