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Dennys Cheese Soup
A very tasty soup that is easy to make. It won raves at my holiday party. I just used a dash of pepper and no salt. Source: Gloria Pitzers Secret Recipes Newsletter  
~ Submitted by elliot

Fantastic Carrot-Orange Soup
Courtesy of Mary M.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Fastest Tomato Soup
You'll have this done in 5 minutes and wonder why you never thought of this yourself!  
~ Submitted by Cathy

Fragrant Split Pea Soup
Split pea soup is enhanced with fragrant rosemary and fresh lemon juice for a refreshing twist on an old favorite  
~ Submitted by Camille Landry

Gazpacho Orange Soup
Courtesy of Beth  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Greek Lentil Soup
Called Fahki (fah-key) in Greek. Filling, healthy, and great for a cold day.  
~ Submitted by Lou

Greek Potato Stew
Courtesy of Diane  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Greek Split Pea Soup
From The Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book by Rose Elliot  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Green Chile Corn Chowder
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Hearty Potato Soup
~ Submitted by Chet Day

A delightful Singaporean specialty. Combines a rich coconut gravy with fish and tofu  
~ Submitted by Trudy L

Leek Potato Soup
Gluten free/casein fee, very low salicylate. Kid friendly. Easy to make. Makes 8 side dish servings.  
~ Submitted by Heidi Jackson

Lentil Stew
~ Submitted by Lindsay

Lentils & Rice
Lentils mixed with brown rice and flavored with nutritious ingredients.  
~ Submitted by Randy Nielson

Lima Bean Tomato Soup
Courtesy of Dennis Gulenchin  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

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