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Fruit and Nut cereal
Can be a living foods recipe if you use the right ingredients. This is a great cereal that can be prepared quickly in the morning, or preped the night before.  
~ Submitted by stacey foster

Fruit Muesli
Courtesy of Beth  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Gourmet Oatmeal
~ Submitted by Romans1513

Gram flour pancakes
Pancakes made with gram flour (chick peas)  
~ Submitted by Tina Lacey

Grandma's Live Oatmeal Porridge
Courtesy of 'Conscious Eating' by Dr. Gabriel Cousens  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Great French Toast
GFCF yeast/soy free french toast that tastes great  
~ Submitted by desiree dalton

Haily\'s super cereal
I accidently created this recipe as i was trying to invent a granola bar recipe. I absolutely love it. The taste like a ganola cereal and raisin bran mix.  
~ Submitted by Haily maio

Healthy Breakfast Bar
Courtesy of Joyce  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Hot Flax Cereal
Need a change of pace? This will fit the bill and no wheat is involved.  
~ Submitted by Cathy

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Smoothie
banana and cashew butter smoothie. SOO delicious. Very low salicylate, gluten free, casein free.  
~ Submitted by Heidi Jackson

Leah's Mango Coconut Smoothie
Power drink of the tropics! Quick and easy summer meal.  
~ Submitted by Leah Monahan

Maple Cream Pancake Topping
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Oatmeal Heaven
Just when you think there is nothing good to eat for breakfast due to egg, milk and wheat allergy.This is a great way to start your day. Very filling and healthy to! Give it a try!  
~ Submitted by Kristi Falcone

Oh Mercy Oat Waffles
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Very yummy, especially with fruit added.  
~ Submitted by Danielle Rowbotham

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