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10 minute yummy meatballs
one pan meal-easy quarter size meatballs with veggies   
~ Submitted by jennifer glass

Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos
Courtesy of Karena. Once you've had one - you'll want another. The recipe is a little different from most burrito recipes, but I've had many, many requests for it.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Almond Jade Stir-Fry
Courtesy of Ethel S.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Apple Corned Beef
Courtesy of Ron  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Apricot Chicken
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Artichoke Tomato Alfredo
Courtesy of Dave L.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Artichokes Over Pierogies
Courtesy of Franklin Becca  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Asian Spiced Chicken and Beans
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Baked Spinach
Courtesy of Joanna W This spinach casserole is a very good dinner party recipe, and also makes a good family meal.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Baked Sweet Potatoes
I can't eat regular white potatoes, because they hurt my joints, but I can eat sweet potatoes! They are from a different family, therefore are not really considered a potato. This is my version of a baked potato! You can use yams too.  
~ Submitted by stacey foster

Basic Garlic Roast Beef
This is a recipe that is really easy to just throw in and let cook.  
~ Submitted by Jenifer

Bean and Potato Enchiladas
Courtesy of Kathy M. The other evening I made bean and potato enchiladas and they were quite yummy. Even my picky 10-year old loved them!  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Beef Fajitas
Courtesy of Carol Parritt  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Beef-Rice Mexicali Skillet
Wonderful, quick one pot meal. We use it often!  
~ Submitted by Carrie Black

Best Chipped Beef Ever
This is gluten-free and wonderful. It is fattening, and we only have it about twice a year, but it is worth the wait since so many gluten-free recipes are so bland and tasteless.   
~ Submitted by Linda Lee

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