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basic quinoa
just the basic recipe no frills  
~ Submitted by victoria jones

Carribean Rice
Sweet, fruity and slightly zesty rice dish. It is especially good with Pork chops.  
~ Submitted by Wendy Tingey

Curried Vegetable Rice
An easy and delicious vegetable curry with rice. Colorful and spicy.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Green Chile Grits
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Italian Quinoa
~ Submitted by Warren King

~ Submitted by Grace Cockburn

Mandarin Almond Rice
~ Submitted by Andrea Mabey

Marvelous Mexicali Rice
Use your crockpot to make a wonderful blend of rice, beans and vegetable dish.  
~ Submitted by Chet Day

Millet/Tahini stuffed collards
Cooked millet/pureed veg/ tahini stuffed in collard greens  
~ Submitted by Caryn Bonneville

Moong dahl curry
Lentils ( you can buy this from indian stores or whole foods)  
~ Submitted by kavitha mathew

Mushroom Risotto
A risotto (rice dish) with button mushrooms.  
~ Submitted by Ricky Buchanan

Quinoa with Onions
This is a great side dish if you like onions. I'll even eat this as a meal.  
~ Submitted by Jenifer

Risotto Patties
Here's a great recipe for leftover risotto or rice!  
~ Submitted by Jackie Mysak

Spanish Rice
this recipe is very moist  
~ Submitted by Andrea Mabey

Turkey Sausage and Kale Risotto
A creamy rice dish spiked with shallots, garlic, spicy turkey sausage and kale. Feel free to substitute a little white or red wine for the chicken stock. Don't use boullion, as it's too salty. No salt added chicken stock (or homemade stock) is best.   
~ Submitted by Jackie Mysak

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